Using Color in Home Decorating

The most important ingredient in your home designing theme is the color(s) you choose. No other element can provide for the dramatic and quick impact than the right colors matched together. What may seem like a simple decision, can be the hardest for some people deciding on just the right color for their kitchen or bathroom. Let’s take the time to look at color, the effects that they can have and how to best utilize them in your home.

The first thing to understand is the different kinds of colors. There are four main groups. They are:

  1. Primary Colors – Blue, red, and yellow these are the main colors that every other color comes from. They are not produced by mixing with other colors.
  2. Secondary Colors – Violent, green, and orange are the results of mixing two of the other primary colors, (blue and red = violent; blue and yellow = green; yellow and red = orange)
  3. Tertiary Colors – These are six colors (red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet. made up of primary colors mixed with their corresponding secondary ones.
  4. Complementaries – Colors directly the opposite from one another on the color wheel (red and green etc.).

Okay, now that we know the basics, how do we use these to change the impact that a room can have? It’s important to understand that colors can affect mood and perception. So you really want to use that to your advantage when choosing the right colors for your room.

Using the right color combinations can really make the difference between a boring and tired room, and one that is dramatic and exciting. By combining colors like red and green, orange and black, and black and white; you are creating distinctive feeling and there is synergistic effect.

Next let’s look at the bedroom. This is probably one of the easier colors to choose because these are usually chosen based on gender tendencies. Male themed rooms tend to choose masculine colors such as navy, deep red, and dark green. I guess you won’t find a garage room in pink or magenta colors. I still recall one of my former clients who asked for an advice on the possibility of painting his garage door pink after getting a garage door repair in Cumming, GA. I still suggested a masculine color for him but until now I still wonder if he was just joking when he brought that up. Well, not that there was something wrong about the ‘joke’, it still boils down to one’s preference. Females, however tend to use more feminine colors such as pinks, yellows, and pastels.

Large rooms can be made to appear smaller and cozier by choosing either a dark color or a warm color (like brilliant yellow).

To do the opposite and make a small room appear larger, then try using pastel colors. Pastel blues and greens reflect light so the room appears to grow.

Make your low ceiling appear higher by using a lighter color on the ceiling than on your walls.

As you can see, using these colors can alter perceptions on how your room(s) is viewed by yourself or your visitors. Like I said, we all have the freedom to choose amongst these colors but on the design aspect, there are still things that retain some perceptions and solidity.

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