Tips on Simple and Easy Holiday Decorations

Are you looking for some easy holiday decorating tips? Here’s a few Christmas decorating ideas that might suit your needs to make a beautiful home for the holidays.

During the holidays a bell can be a happy sound that can delight visitors coming to your place. You can take a piece of Christmas ribbon and tie it to the bell then take the bell and tie it to a doorknob. Every time someone opens or closes the door the bell will make a pleasant tinkle to let you know someone has come or gone. It can be loud at night though so don’t put it on a heavily used door at night. They can be very pretty too and bells look nice on a Christmas tree as well.

Don’t know how to decorate the bathroom for Christmas? Put something funny on the toilet tank like an animated singing Santa. People won’t be able to resist pushing it’s button when they are in the bathroom. You wouldn’t want to put anything serious on the toilet tank but a funny decoration would be something to liven the room up. Window stickys will stick to the shower walls and mirrors but make sure they don’t get in the drain. A green or red shower curtain makes the whole room look like Christmas and they are not that hard to put up.

If you have limited space a small Christmas tree is the answer but if you aren’t satisfied with one small Christmas tree how about a grouping. Three small Christmas trees sitting close to each other with decorations can be very beautiful. You can decorate all three Christmas trees with the same kind of ornaments or you can decorate each one differently with their own type of decorations. You can even have different types of trees like a illuminated Christmas tree, a silver Christmas Tree, or a regular green Christmas tree. If you have a lot of space to use you can use Christmas three full size trees. If you are lucky enough to find a small birds nest you can use that for a decoration, just make sure it is a nest that a bird might not miss year nesting season.

Stuffed Christmas animals like a snowman, Santa Claus or reindeer can really add to a room. You can put them on a table or on a chair or sofa. They even work well on the floor or under a tree. If children come to visit or if you have your own children it will give them something to play with and even adult visitor can make a conversation with them.

If you have a dog or cat you can take a ribbon and tie a bow on their collar. The pet can really feel special from the special treatment of you putting a bow on their collar. The bow can be any Christmas color, red, green, gold or a combination. Don’t forget the special Christmas treats for your pet at Christmas time.

If you have a light weight decoration such as a Christmas stocking you can use a tack to tack it right on the wall. It is enough to hold the decoration on the wall and when Christmas is over and you take the decoration down all you have is a little tiny hole in the wall. Of course don’t do it if you really think that little hole is going to bother you.

All the wonderful Christmas cards that come in the mail should be displayed, after all someone put a lot of work in them sending them to you. A refrigerator or closet door is a good place to put them or some other door that is not used too much. First check if the tape you put the cards up with will leave a mark. Most closet doors won’t be a problem.

And don’t forget to decorate your car. A bow tied to the front of your car can say a lot to other folks about your Christmas spirit. Yesterday I saw a snow plow with a Christmas wreath tied to the front grill It put a huge smile on my face. Thanks Mr. Snowplow driver wherever you are.

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