How to Decorate Your Kitchen in a Spanish Style

One popular design for kitchens today is Mexican style. Mexican decorating styles incorporate bright colors and textures, which will make your kitchen pop with color. Change an old outdated kitchen into a look that will make you feel as if you have moved into a new home. Decorations, curtains, paint and new rugs give you many options to choose.

Room Accents

Begin painting your cabinets in a medium red color. Do not make it too bright, as this will clash with the other decorations in the room.

Use metal cabinet knobs in a diamond shape with a wrought iron design in the knob. One small decoration as the knobs creates a completely new look to your cabinets.

For those that have tile backsplashes, remove a few tiles in a random manner. Replace the old tile with a new brightly colored tile with a Mexican design. Bright blue tiles with a red and green design in the middle add color and dimension to the countertops.

Place Terra Cotta water pitchers on the counter to hold long handled utensils. Display tortilla presses or tortilla warmers on the counter.

Hang dried chili peppers from the ceiling. Not only is this a decorative touch, but the chilies are used in cooking as well.


Hang white eyelet curtains trimmed in bright blue, yellow or green on the windows. Alternatively, curtains depicting chili peppers, adobe houses, cactus or other Mexican style images are good choices.

Place a woven tablecloth or place mats on the table that is in a multicolor design.

Install black wrought iron shelves on the walls to hold plants, a sombrero, a sleeping sombrero figurine or more Terra Cotta containers.

If possible, purchase or paint a Mexican style mural on one wall. Murals are widely used in Mexican style decorating. Murals are paintings that encompass one wall entirely. Mexican style murals will depict a Mexican town center made up of a central fountain and surrounded by streets and adobe buildings. Alternatively, a mural can be the front entrance of an adobe building with the doors open showing cool darkness inside the building.


Hand-woven rugs on the floor lend a cozy look to the Mexican style kitchen. Zigzag patterns of color in the rugs allow the user to implement different colors to the kitchen. Mexican style incorporates bold colors and lines which make zigzag and straight lines a popular design as in Mexican blankets or tablecloths.

Use Mexican style accents on the table such as decorative salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders and other items. Chili peppers, small sleeping sombreros, cactus or other shapes are available in salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders.

Photos of adobe houses and arid landscapes work well in a Mexican style kitchen.

Drape small Mexican blankets over the corners of picture frames or from the doorway.

Most important of all is to enjoy your new Mexican style kitchen. There is a multitude of choices available for Mexican style kitchens. It is up to you to choose what you like. Visit a Spanish Grocery where many items are available for the kitchen which are authentic Mexican accents for the home.

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