How to Decorate a Yellow Room

Cheerful, sunny, and exciting are a few of the words used to describe the color yellow. Though some shades are less than appealing, many beautiful tints and shades of yellow can be successfully used in decorating.

Decorating Tips

As with any color scheme, it is important not to overwhelm your room with yellow. The use of contrasting and complimentary colors can add to the beauty of your yellow room while also giving visual relief. A pair of yellow curtains in a yellow room is a big no unless the color tone is way different from the yellow room.

Another tip for decorating your yellow room is to pull out your favorite thing and find a way to implement the colors or theme into your yellow room. A postcard with a Maui sunset can be used as the basis of choosing just the right shades of red and purple into your yellow room thus creating a relaxing room associated with sweet memories. Along those same lines, the addition of plants and a few beach-related items add interest and depth to your yellow room.

Theme Decorating

Yellow is an easy color to theme-decorate with as there are so many themes that include the color yellow in them.

Fruit and Veggies in the Kitchen. Yellow is the color of many delicious fruits and vegetables such as yellow peppers, squash, bananas, and lemons. With a fruit and vegetable theme, it is easy to incorporate other colors as other colorful fruits and vegetables are brought into the room’s décor. Along with those fruit and vegetable décor items, use solid colored items in the various colors as accent pieces. The result is a cheerful and festive room for creating culinary delights. The Tuscan style of decorating lends itself well to a fruit and veggies theme.

Nature Theme. A theme involving nature is easy to accomplish with the color yellow. Wide ranges of plants and flowers are yellow or have yellow parts. Using other colors from nature such as the green of grass and the browns of wood increase the feeling of nature in your yellow room. Add accent pieces in the brilliant colors of nature such as orange, red, or purple in the right values to go with your yellow, and you create interest and visual excitement in your room. Be sure to include natural materials and fabrics to add to the natural feeling you are striving to accomplish.

Sun and Stars Playroom. This theme lends itself well to the vivid imagination and brilliant energy of children. There are many sun and star themed items available for children. Painting the walls in a complimentary color and then adding playful images of the sun and stars is a great way to start decorating a child’s playroom in this theme.

Fun sun and star shaped plush furniture, along with sun and star designs and decals on light switch plates, knobs, handles, and furniture are simple touches to add to your yellow playroom.

Throw sun and star shaped rugs on the floor, stack up yellow nap mats, and pile up a few sun and star shaped pillows, and your child suddenly has an even more fun and inviting playroom.

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