How to Decorate a New Space in Your House

Whether you’re looking to decorate a new space, breathe life into an old one, or create a dramatic focal point in your home, there is no denying that paint is one of the cheapest ways to change the look and mood of a room!

When you see dramatic colors used in friends’ homes, decorating magazines or television, don’t you find yourself saying, “I wish I could be that brave!” Well, it’s time for all of us to BE BRAVE! I agree that furniture, artwork and even people are complemented by bright colors so step out of the egg-shell comfort zone and go for it! But consider yourself warned… it can be quite addicting!

So where do you start in this color adventure? There are so many places that you can look to find inspiration. Take the outdoors for example – what strikes you the most when you look out the window? Is it the rich, vibrant colors of a Gerber daisy? Or the lime green of your neighbor’s new Volkswagen beetle? See what colors “speak” to you and then think of the mood that it would create in the space you are considering. Create a scrapbook of magazine pictures, swatches of fabric and color combinations that you like. That way if you ever decide to go bold again (trust me, you will) you will be able to make sure your color schemes jive from room to room.

Remember, if you have never gone bold before, you can always start small. There are several techniques to work color into your already existing decorating palette! Let’s say you have a southwestern inspired living room. Why not try out a vivid terracotta color on a wall with a focal point such as a fireplace?

If your home office needs a little spunking up, try painting the small area just above your desk with an invigorating, energizing color. Or try out a deep red in your dining room by painting just below the chair rail. And remember, rules were made to be broken, so don’t be afraid to go for it and be original. Who says you can’t paint two opposing walls with color and leave the other two bare?

When choosing a bright new paint color for an interior project, it’s important to make sure that you get the right shade. Always take several color samples from the store in order to make a larger sample enabling you to get a truer feel for the color. Before choosing the right hue for you, hang the samples in the area you plan to paint and observe them for a few days.

You will be amazed how natural and artificial light at different times of the day can affect the deepness and even shade of a color! Once you’ve settled on the right color and finished the job, you’ll be thrilled at how just a gallon of paint can add so much life and warmth to your home! You will never look at white walls the same way again!

P.S. Wondering what the hot colors of tomorrow will be? I agree that interior paint will be taking their cues from food of all things! Think celery green, butterscotch gold, ice blue, and eggplant purple!

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