Designing a Basement Apartment

At the mere mention of designing a basement apartment, many of you can quickly imagine all the good reasons for the time and expense involved in such a project. But first, you have to consider totally cleaning up the space since most of us tend to put our junks in the basement. I remember, I had once called up some roswell junk boys to help me clean up a client’s basement, so it’s not gonna be easy.

Any extra space comes in handy, especially when you have growing teenagers who need their own room.

Having a basement apartment in your home is also a good idea when, years later, these same children want to come home from college for a visit.

Even if you decide to sell your house, think of the extra value a completely remodeled basement apartment would add.

Designing a Basement Apartment: Having Separate Space

In designing a basement apartment, you would want the space to seem as separate as possible. After all, the goal is to give the person living there the utmost feeling of independence.

Can you picture yourself at age 17, being turned loose in a world of privacy where you have a telephone, refrigerator, and television?

In the present day, that would include a computer as well.

Of course, the expense of these could all be included in the family’s monthly bills. No separate charges would even be needed unless the basement apartment was given a separate street address.

Naturally, storage would be a concern. There are many ideas for cheap bedroom storage, however. The same ideas that work for college dormitories would work in designing a basement apartment.

Just think in economical terms. A 14 x 14 foot basement, for example, could hold only the most basic necessities unless the most creative ideas for cheap bedroom storage are utilized.

Having Connected Space

In designing a basement apartment, you will probably also give in to the realization that you don’t want your son or daughter to be totally beyond reach.

Dormitory rooms can be lonely places, but you can design a basement apartment where your teenager can experience a degree of independence without feeling completely separated.

Say, for example, that you are in your bedroom upstairs and your child wants to talk. Wouldn’t some type of intercom system be the perfect remedy? At the touch of a button you can always maintain contact with whoever is living in the basement.

By designing a basement apartment, therefore, you are able to accomplish many things.

You are able to raise the value of your house by transforming that dust-ridden and useless space into something quite useful.

You are able to give your children a sense of independence while still monitoring their activities.

Finally, you are able to save on the costs that would be involved if the child moved into a completely new apartment. Also, once they have moved out, you might even be able to rent the basement apartment to another student who is going to college in a nearby area.

Designing a basement apartment just makes sense on many different levels.

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