Decorate a Kid’s Bedroom with a Sports Theme

A sports themed bedroom can be the perfect retreat for a young boy or girl. If your child is especially interested in one sport, then you will have to shop around for specific items and accessories that accommodate that theme. This article covers eight ways to decorate a generalized sports bedroom for a child or teenager who enjoys the world of athletics.

#1 – Use Painted Walls for Dramatic Effect

If you want to have a colorful and cheerful sports themed bedroom, then start by painting the walls vibrant colors. If you have the budget, purchase a plain chair rail and paint it white or navy blue. Below the chair rail, paint the wall a vibrant red. Above the chair rail, paint the wall a cheerful yellow color. Just above the chair rail, install an adhesive sports theme wall border that has reds and yellows as accent colors.

#2 – Frame Drawings of Balls Used for Playing Sports

You can purchase or create simple wall art by framing pictures of sporting equipment, such as basketballs or baseballs. You could encourage your child to draw some pictures of balls used for sports and frame them with simple black frames. This will add a personalized touch to the room.

#3 –  Purchase Pre-Made Comforters, Curtains, and Pillows

Most discount stores carry sports themed comforters and curtains for a child’s room. These are usually priced reasonably, and the quality is typically pretty good. You could find a throw pillow that is designed with a favorite team logo or a professional team mascot, and use it as a room accessory.

#4 – Buy an Oversized Sports Themed Beanbag

Beanbags are a flavorful accent for a sports themed room. In addition, they provide comfortable seating for your child. These can be ordered online, but the shipping can be a bit high, so look for them at your local discount store or furniture store.

#5 – Display Trophies

If your child loves sports, then chances are you probably have some trophies from sporting events. Use these trophies as accessories, and place them in visible areas like night tables and bookshelves.

#6 – Metal Lockers

You can buy metal lockers to use as a storage area for your child’s belongings. Or, you can paint the closet doors to look like lockers. Either way, lockers will add a dramatic look to a sports themed bedroom.

#7 – Hang a Nerf Basketball Goal or a Baseball Bat

A simple way to decorate your wall space is to mount a basketball goal or a baseball bat on the wall. If you really want the wall accent to stand out, you can paint a square or a rectangular border around your basketball goal or baseball bat.

#8 – Mount a Corkboard

A corkboard is an easy way to add some unique characteristics to a sports themed room. Your child can post photos of sporting events, pictures of famous athletes, or newspaper clippings about local sports heroes.

Decorating and creating a sports themed bedroom can be a fun and exciting project.

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