About me.

I am a prop stylist and interior decorator currently living and working in Los Angeles. I have been lucky enough to live in a lot of different places, starting with London and an English seaside town called Broadstairs where I grew up. Then on to New York for a bit of high school, Boston for college, Connecticut, Maryland, Texas and Seoul, South Korea for my husband’s job, finally settling in LA a few years ago. Phew!

With each move came a new home to decorate, often with limited funds and the knowledge that it would be a temporary stay. In this way I learned to be both creative and resourceful. I found ways to make a space my own without spending a fortune and I started to live by the idea of creativity before consumption. It’s a rule I try to follow in both my personal and professional lives and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

In my work today as a decorator and stylist I always ask the question, “How can I make this home/office/store/set more beautiful in a way that is imaginative, original and if possible, thrifty?” If I can re-vamp a client’s armchair with paint and new upholstery, it’s much more gratifying than buying something new; Leftover wallpaper scraps make a cool memo board on an office wall; And take my word for it when I tell you that a gaudy brass chandelier circa 1982 can be transformed into something quite spectacular with bright red spray paint and hand made ornaments. These things make me happy. I’m so lucky because I get paid to do something that I would be doing even if I wasn’t getting paid! That’s how much I love what I do. I hope you enjoy my work.

A few facts about me, in case you’re interested:

I like to give my pets human names – right now there are Gracie, Betty, and Steve.

I think anything can be improved with a coat of paint.

Every summer my kids and I grow our own tomatoes and basil.

This year we’re getting crazy and adding corn, kale, and fancy stuff like arugula and fennel.

First I hated Los Angeles, now I love Los Angeles.

I absolutely love thrift shops – the junkier the better.
I usually read 5 or 6 books at once.

I used to design a line of children’s clothing called Spike & Ella. Itty-bitty clothes for really cool kids.

I sometimes spend my Friday nights drinking wine and rearranging the furniture in my house – I’m crazy like that.

I did a triathlon and I almost drowned. So I signed up for another.

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