6 Benjamin Moore Paint Shades for a Yellow Bathroom

Yellow is a popular design choice for many bathroom spaces for good reason. This light and airy color is perfect for a small sized space to appear much more open, and can turn a boring bathroom into a bold statement. But there’s more to making a statement in your bathroom. It is a deemed requirement to make sure all the plumbing works are in perfect condition before you spend on painting your bathroom. Otherwise, all your bathroom design plans will just go to waste. You can never go wrong in choosing  PlumbWise | Residential & Commercial Plumber in Cumming, GA for all your plumbing concerns.

Hence, here are six excellent Benjamin Moore paint shades for a yellow bathroom.

Benjamin Moore Paint Shades for a Yellow Bathroom

#1: Sundance

A classic light shade of yellow, Sundance is the perfect color for a bathroom space. This bright and cheerful color is the optimal paint shade for any room that is on the small side or a bit closed off, working well to visually open the space up. Use this shade as a primary wall color, with perhaps a brighter or bolder accent color.

#2: Mellow Yellow

Almost tan but still definitely a yellow color, Mellow Yellow is another pale shade that is excellent for opening up small spaces. This soft and subtle color is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of color to their bathroom space without experimenting too much.

#3: Sun Kissed Yellow

Reminiscent of sunflowers on a bright summer day, Sun Kissed Yellow is a vibrant Benjamin Moore paint shade. This extremely bold yellow color definitely adds a statement to any bathroom space. Pair with white or light cabinetry and flooring for a design that looks quite fabulous together.

#4: Lemon Sorbet

The lightest yellow paint shade mentioned here, Lemon Sorbet is a light pastel shade excellent for bathroom décor. From a whimsical rubber duck bathroom theme to a classic and sophisticated floral theme, this paint shade can be encompassed in a very wide variety of design themes.

#5: Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow is exactly how its name suggests, an extremely sunny and cheerful bright yellow paint shade. This bold color is perfect for making a contemporary statement or for use in a vintage floral sunflower themed space. Due to the intense nature of this color, however, it is best to use as an accent shade or to test the color before committing it as an all over wall shade.

#6: Baby Chick

A bit of a darker yellow shade than those previously mentioned, Baby Chick is a very classy and contemporary yellow shade. If you are looking for a classic style in color, than this is the perfect yellow paint color for your bathroom space.

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