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I'm Emily Henson.

Sewn art pieces are created from a client’s photograph or drawing. Lines are traced and projected onto the material. A refined art in modesty.

I am a prop stylist living in Los Angeles, working with photographers to create beautiful images. I grew up in London where I shopped second-hand stores from a young age. Thrift store shopping is still my favorite pastime. Now I get to collect junk and call it “prop shopping”. I like to customize everything, from furniture to clothes to recipes, putting my own stamp on them. 

I love to sew, particularly things for my home – pillows, curtains etc. but I also create machine sewn portraits on commission – very tedious, but I love them. I’m very happily married with two lovely children ages 8 and 11 and I live in a sweet little (very little) house with purple and green trim and a wild garden.

In my work today as a decorator and stylist I always ask the question, “How can I make this home/office/store/set more beautiful in a way that is imaginative, original and if possible, thrifty?” If I can re-vamp a client’s armchair with paint and new upholstery, it’s much more gratifying than buying something new. And take my word for it when I tell you that a gaudy brass chandelier circa 1982 can be transformed into something quite spectacular with bright red spray paint and hand made ornaments. 

I’m so lucky because I get paid to do something that I would be doing even if I wasn’t getting paid! That’s how much I love what I do.

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Over the Table

Over the Table

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